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Interior window shutters offer a classic look to any space along with light control and privacy.

Hardwood versus Composite

Hardwood shutters are a good option for larger windows because they are lighter weight than a composite material. There are also a wide variety of installation and customization options including color and they come in twenty frame styles.

Composite shutters on the other hand will not warp, crack, or peel as they are moisture resistant. This makes them a good option if you are installing in a high humidity area such as a kitchen or bathroom. While fewer frame options than a hardwood shutter, there are still nine to choose from.

Shutters installed in living room window.
Hardwood shutters installed in a living room space allowing unfiltered light above in the clerestory windows.


Shutters can be set up to operate in any window and have several different options that affect how they look and open. Divider rails are just one way that can change the look and function of a shutter. Divider rails split the shutter into two sections, allowing the top and bottom sections to move independently. This offers more light and privacy control in the space.

Panel Configuration

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