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Wood, Composite, and Faux Wood Blinds are a classic and functional option for any space. Blinds offer a timeless beauty to any home.

Cordless blind over window
Cordless blind in white

Corded or Cordless

Blinds mainly come in corded and cordless options. Certain situations may require a motorized solution. Advantages to cordless options include:

  1. Ease of Use. Avoid pulling cords and instead gently lift the blind to set it at the desired height.

  2. Safety. With children or pets in the home, a lack of hanging cords can increase safety.

  3. Aesthetics. Achieve a cleaner look without hanging cords.

Valance Options

Corded or cordless blind come with multiple options for valances. The standard valance is a cleaner more modern look while the classic valance has more detail and character. On top of style you can also choose larger sized valances should the space call for it.

Valance for wood window blind
Natural wood blind with valance


Blinds come in everything from natural wood looks all the way to more eye popping colorized options. Depending on the style, textured looks are available. There is a match for any situation.

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