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How to Pick the Ideal Custom Window Coverings

No two windows are the same, which means no two window coverings are either. Custom window treatments are made to fit your exact window opening based on measurements taken during the consultation visit. By selecting custom window coverings you are able to select from a wide range of colors, material, and design, narrowing in on the type of window treatment that fits the room best. Big box store shades only offer a handful of options to choose from, limiting your ability to get the most out of each room. Also, most box stores do not provide free installation services or a limited lifetime warranty, both features of choosing Vision Window Decor.

When meeting with Nick to discuss the right options for your home or business, some questions to consider are:

  1. What are the functions of the rooms you want covered?

  2. What type of operability are you wanting to have?

  3. What level of light are you wanting to maintain in the room?

  4. Is privacy a concern?

  5. Do you want to improve energy efficiency?

Room Function

Determining what you want from a design and control aspect can be difficult but rest assured there is an answer for every room. Blackout shades in the bedrooms, shades that offer both privacy and light filtration in the living room, or options to mix and match to get the most out of each space are just a few ideas to consider.


There are many different control options for each type of window treatment. Which type of control function is right for you or the window being covered can vary from room to room. Most window coverings, but not all, can usually be configured in a cordless, corded, or motorized fashion. Motorization may be ideal for higher windows, while cordless may be desired if small children are in the home.

Light Level and Privacy

Every window treatment offers a different level of light blocking ability. Usually for bedrooms a light filtering, blackout, or room darkening option, available in cellular shades, roller shades, or a layered shade, is best. These ensure proper light control to achieve quality sleep while also providing a high level of privacy. For living room spaces usually light filtering or a more hard covering, like a wood blind, works well to allow light with the option for privacy if desired.

Energy Efficiency

Windows are one of the largest culprits when it comes to energy loss in your home and window coverings are one way to help combat this problem. While all coverings offer at least some insulation, referred commonly to as the R-value, cellular shades, with their honeycomb design, usually offer the best protection.

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