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Make your life easier with motorized window coverings. Nearly all our shades can be motorized with wall mount switches, remote controls, and even through your smartphone or smart home system.

Battery versus Hardwire

If you are planning a new build home or commercial space and considering motorized shades you will want to consider running low-voltage power to your windows. This is especially important if you have hard to reach windows but still want a window covering option.

If hardwiring is not an option for you there are still great rechargeable window covering options. Depending on the amount of use many will not need to be recharged for 6-12 months at a time.

Example of installation of a motorized shade in a clearstory window that is challenging to reach.

Ideal Windows for Motorization

Any window can be a great candidate for motorized window coverings. With multiple control options they are easy to use and can be set on a schedule depending on the setup you choose.

While any window is a great candidate for motorized window coverings some are a must. Windows over stair landings, other elevated windows, or windows in other hard to reach areas like over bathtubs or furniture are prime candidates.

Motorized layered shade in a front living room.

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