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Cellular Shades

Cellular shades provide excellent UV and solar protection to any space. They have a wide variety of colors and lift options to choose from.

Cell Sizes

Different cellular size options allow for the perfect look for any window. Some options, such as a ½” double cell shade, can also offer better insulation value.

Control Options

Cell shades can be ordered in a bottom up/top down configuration, allowing you to adjust the shade from both directions. They can be motorized for touchless control or installed with a cord or cordless lift. Cordless are raised and lowered by pulling on the bottom rail and great for homes with children and pets.

Light and Privacy

Cell shades come in four styles of light filtering fabrics:

  • Sheer: allows a view to the outside while blocking direct sunlight

  • Light Filtering: allows light to gently filter through

  • Room Darkening: significantly dims natural light

  • Blackout: blocks all natural light

Light filtering cell shade
A light filtering cell shade

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